1948 speaker qusetion.

I just bought a bunch of old tube consoles. Generally speaking, I have loads of fun rebuilding them, Most as practice guitar amps.
I ran into a few over the weekend bought the lot for 20 bucks(3 units)

Anyway, I got this old late 40's Stromberg Carlson (1948 based on tube date codes) With A Field coil? 12 inch Speaker

Stromberg Carlson

I havent any data that goes back that far on this type of stuf. These things still useful other than restoration work?
Did stromberg Carlson actually make speakers? or can somebody ID this speaker>?

GM said:

Yes, they did. Field coil drivers are highly prized in some circles, though I'm not sure if theirs are. You may have better luck $$ wise selling the the electronics with it.


The electronics unit itself was pretty rough. It had a Nice 1948 Pair of Cunningham 6V6gts that amazingly still read at just over 100% on my tester. The Wax paper caps were litterly popping their ends out! Humming but still passing signal.

As it turns out, The Stromberg Carlson unit I pulled this from was actually sort of a amplified Victrola! It only played 78rpm records!
The Push Button tuner was really messed, Bent internals, Turntable was messed up. Other than the Tubes and Speaker, It was pretty sad shape.