1940s VOT A5 ; 515B, 20ohms, cone repair, DIY


I have just bought part from a mid 1940s Voice of the Theatre A5; the woofer cone has damages, it is a original mid 1940s 515B with 20 ohm impedance.

I would like to try to repair the cone, the damages are located around the surroundings, see attached photos.

I have several questions:

1. what kind of glue should I use, will all PVC glues work, will use a tranparant solution.

2. what kind of material should I use to reinforce the hole, is it a necessity to reinforce this hole at all?

3. all important inputs are more than welcome.



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I have bought a paper cone from eBay that is a clone of the 515 RWB label.

I will try to recone the woofer myself.

Q1: Will I need to take out the paper sylinder with attached original voice coil from the magnet before attaching the new paper cone?
--I see a problem taking apart the original paper cone from the rest and having trouble getting debris inside the gap where the paper cylinder with attached voice coil is placed, when not properly dissembled.

Q2: Will I manage to take off the phenolic spider when taking off the bolt heads ( see attached photo ); or is the spider glued in place?

Q3: What glue is used originally attaching the paper cone to the paper sylinder / phenolic spider? Will I need to add heat; or can I take away the original cone mechanically ( sharp thin knife )?

All help will be appreciated.


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