18Sound midbass/midranges, opinions?

I've been browsing the web on different high-quality prosound drivers, and found these midranges produced by 18sound. I've done searches on all the major audio forums I'm familiar with and have sorted through pages of google...with no success. They look excellent, but there is absolutely no objective information (3rd party analysis) or subjective impressions (personal experience) regarding these particular midranges. 18sound's page suggests that these drivers are used in monitoring applications, so their sound quality should be excellent.

Here are the specs that I found interesting

180W power handling
-2/3dB at 45* at 2khz
.67mH inductance
102dB sensitivity (8ohm)
97.9dB efficiency
2mm xmax
~.7dB power compression at 113dB (12W)
Should be excellent from 500-2khz

300W power handling
-2/3dB at 45* at 1khz
.03mH (yes, POINT zero three) inductance:eek: (as a result of the Active Impedance Control)
100.5dB sensitivity (8ohm)
98.9dB efficiency
4mm xmax
~.7dB power compression at 114dB (22W)
Should be excellent from 100-1khz

Anybody willing to try these babies out?