1800W RMS into 4 ohms per channel

I really need a schematic or design help for a class AB audio amplifier with bipolar outputs that puts out 1800W RMS into 4 ohms per channel (NOT bridged). I want it to have a supply voltage of about +/-120 to 170VDC so I can easily make a power supply for it that runs on 220. I started thinking about my design over a year ago and have made almost no progress! I would be very grateful for some help.
Thank you.

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Kilowatt, unless you are trying to kick-start an aircraft carrier or have the hungriest subwoofer in the state, you may be better off with a number of smaller amps and more connections. Like the sound renforcement guys do. Have you considered it?
There are lots of advantages for going this way, particularly if you want to test the threshold of pain in style:)

Regards WALKER

PS With this sort of gear any LITTLE slip up will be expensive!