170V 64mA AC good for tube I/V ?


recently I removed a very beautiful transformer from a 70's HP counter. It is black and full encapsulated and japanese manufacturer with japanese printing.

There is 170V 64mA AC that was for the Nixie tubes IMHO.
Is it right for a tube I/V stage ?

Other voltages are 18V 1,2A 18V 1,44A 10V 0,24A 12 V 1,2A

+/- 18V --> +/- 15V
12V --> 5V
10V --> -5V

Which tube is best ? E88CC, E188CC, CCa ? The russian ?

In this unit was also an adjustable 10 MHz OCXO sine output "high stability oscillator"made by Motorola with another black encapsulated transformer & PSU pcb.

Don't forget the 6.3V (or 12.6V) for the heating.

170 V is RMS ?

You have to consider around 7-8 ma by triode.
If tou use the Thorsten's schematic (I/U converter with ecc88), there is two triodes (one tube) on each chanel, then 16 ma by chanel.


170V if RMS, will give 170Vx1.414= 240V, you will lost around 40 V in filtering, then 200 V to feed the tubes, 36 ma for the two chanels, you can try it