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$17 Rifa Caps PEH200SV512AM 12,000uf 250VDC

$17 plus shipping
These huge caps have almost zero ESR and can handle more amps than your amp ever could. ESR is between 9 and 14mOhms depending on frequency and 18-58amps depending on frequency. Here is the datasheet. You have to cruise down several pages to get to the good stuff.
I bought them from a vendor I had used for several years that used to buy out bankrupt businesses and part them out. They make the stiffest supply your amp could ever want. They are used. I dont know for how long or how hard but your amp is NOT stressing them. They are meant to be transferring thousands of watts without a whimper.
You can use these in amp after amp. I love the bolt at the bottom. It makes mounting it to the chassis so easy. Just lay out the bottom of your chassis on paper first and then drill and assemble. Looks great and just so solid. I have 8 of these in a supply. Just rock steady.