16v or 35v Elna Silmic ii?

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I have to replace the output coupling caps (amongst others) in my Revox B226.
Original caps are Philips Blue 100uF 25v
manual states 100uF 16v
I have Elna silmic II at hands, both the 16v and the 25v version
The 25v version is huge and might be a bit difficult to fit; if I use those they have to sit slightly elevated so that they dont sit on the resistors next to it
The 16v version fits much easier, at almost half the footprint;

what's my best bet? I read somewhere that the higher voltage sound better, due to bigger size (?), will I hear any difference? Is a capacitor standing "in the air" slightly above the board plane prone to vibrate and be affected by microphonic effect?
For each previous 100 uF : 2 x 200 uF/16V in opposite polarity in serie : - + + -

You will have the equivalent of 100 uF bipolar ! It's a 15 years old tweak !

The post 3 Worth a try as well!

How do I do that? solder both capacitors + leads together and lay them flat on the board? there's no space. Under the board? If I use the 100uF I have, it will make 50uF, is that enough? If 10uF is enough, I suppose 50uF is still very good?
After a few attempts to fit two back to back caps and make a bipolar, I gave up: no room, looks like a mess, might prove unreliable. ReVox uses a single polar electrolytic there, I will stay with ReVox engineers (even tho I understand the benefits of using a non-polar cap there);

So now i have 100uF 16v Ela Silmic II.

sounds great so far, even with no burn-in; the difference with the Pana FC I had soldered there "in the meantime" is huge. Much more natural sounding, better layering, more air around instruments, voices are wonderful, jeff Buckley's "Grace" is one of my favourite albums and it sounds amazing. Now let's see what some burning in brings to the mix. (the only thing that was marginally better with Pana FC was "bite": drum kicks and hi hats has more "wack" with the Panasonic FC but it's very marginal difference and that might come with some burn in)

Now waiting for the small 22uF and 47uF decoupling caps, and i'm done with the recap. I'll put some opamps sockets too in the end, and some LM4562.
Picture of the decoder PCB with fresh caps.
As you can see my Silmic II are the "old" version with black body and gold stripes.
I hate the way the Nippon Chem SXE caps look in there, but ok, it sounds good.
Upper right small electrolytics are 1uF Panasonic FC
Big cap in the corner Nichicon KW.

Still have to change all the small yellow Frako electrolytics, awaiting the new caps shipment.


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you can also try out elna bipolar or nichikon es

I guess I will stay with silmic II for a while :) it sounds great, really.
I use horn speakers, wich are rather in your face with the wrong source.
Here the width and depth of the image is amazing. There's a "bloom" that's extremely pleasing without being too "sugar", but transparency, detail and dynamics are there.
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