167 in BK-16 horn

I have some of these drivers laying around. I'd like to hear some opinions as to whether they would work well with the BK-16 from Madisound. I'd like to try a horn out for the first time, but I'm not really dying to buy new drivers. My understading is that the 167 is more suited to a BR, but maybe there are some tweaks that would let it work with Madisound's flat-pack kits.
I am currently using a pair of 166e's in the BK-16 (the FE166 and FF165 have very similar specs). Still tweaking it but I enjoy them. They sent a pair of meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods to the bedroom. Not much bass below 65hz, but what is there is good imho. I think another horn would provide a few more hz extension, but this one is easy and cheap to build.

I have had experince wit hthe 166e's myself,

I dont think that it isn't that bad,, especially for the price.

And yes , they dont put out much below around 65hz, but i augument with a sub .

I would also look at reinforcing those cabs, but you can always build other types of exclosers if you like and expound upon that exp of building the bk-16's..

I built them and got into the single driver /blh thign with them . I didn't buy the kit , just found some plans and built them , but used the 166e driver instead. not too bad, .

I plan on building something else later on ,based on those drivers, when i get the time.

good luck ,,,,