15v or 18v

I am attempting to build a mixing console. Have a couple of small circuits so far. I have a Behringer Eurodesk Power supply. It has bipolar 18volt output. It apears to be very lame. Transformer. a couple of caps and some regulators. On the other hand, I have an Old Allen and Heath Mixeing console that also has an external Power Supply. It is bipolar 15Volts. The cicuitry in that appears to be quite a bit more involved. I am not sure if it is the age difference or that the Allen and Heath is superior.
I am not sure whether to use the Behringer Power Supply or build one. If I Build one, should it be 15V or 18. It seems that the Burr Brown ICs require 18V and the Analog Devices ICs are rated 15V Max.
Any help is greatly appreciated
to maximise headroom at each chip you should run the maximum supply voltage to each chip type. But this will complicate your layout. Assess the existing layout and decide if two voltage supply is feasible. The alternatives are;- run all from the lower voltage or change chips to the higher voltage, some run on 21v supplies. It depends on your output needs and the gains in the intermediate stages.
Hello,... start with reading the datasheets about the IC's mind.

What can you read?

Conclusion +- 15 volt will in most applications.... but.... some Analog Devices opamps will work on max +- 13 volts. This is not really a problem.

Regulate from 18 to 15 volts is on the edge in many cases but down to 12 volts will be no problem at all.

Can't you change the 18 volts from your PS? I'm pretty sure you can fix this rather easily.