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15in Eminence Woofer FS

I have a 15inch Eminence Woofer Model 15815 used for sale.Not sure what this was made for I do have specs though.


EMINENCE 15815 RE 5.6 FS 34.7 VAS .1926(5.2cu ft) QES .5 QMS 7.91 SD .089 PE 150 XMAX .0018(5.4mm) LE .001 DIAM 15 MMS .12112 BL 17.198 Sens 94.061 QTS .4703 Accel 142 Frame STEEL Cone POLYPROP Surround FOAM RECNO 683

In reasonable shape no major flaws dust cap is eh ok,surround is good.
I don't have pics though sorry my CF reader is dead.It's black SS Frame and gray poly cone with Eminence tag on the cap.

Looking for 30 plus shipping