$150,000 US 2-Way

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Material wise it is probably more expensive to produce than Biggest Wilsons -all that Silver etc. There are people who rent a jet for $40.000 to just fly over to Florida for vacation. For certain customers the price is irrelevant . One sliver capacitor rolled in Kondo's shop is $1K. I'm not AN user (to expensive) but the gear I heard made rather pleasant noises .
OT I always wonder why all those fat bikers buy $80k Harley D. shiny obsolete junk
and roar around while there is so many better bikes around ??

Oh, forgot to add that it is the first speaker in P.Q opinion which is not a restricting component in his amplification chain (they (new model) took speakers out of equation -he said )- whatever
There's a mistake in that post. The MSRP of those speakers is $19,000. Still a bit high when these are probably just as good;


The kits are even cheaper - build them yourself and you'll have one of the best sounding high efficiency speakers for the money. I heard the kits at LSAF last year and they beat all of the Fostex and Lowther BLHs. Better than Cain and Cain, IMO.

Back when I lived in NYC, I had the chance to hear Audio Note equipment. It DOES sound stunning. I won't lie, it was breathless. But you don't pay for sound as much as you do for the craftsmanship. from what I have been told and have read, the gentleman that builds everything takes great pride in handbuilding it, as a craftsman. Like the old swordmakers, painters, or sculpters.
still the prices are completely insane.
Photo shows the speakers resting on Audio Note stands (included in our price) and the stands sitting on our own custom wooden “walls”. Those familiar with the E series will know they perform best when in a corner so that optimum bass reinforcement is achieved; however, this yields a “flat” image. Our solution was to sit the speakers on moveable walls which then permit us to bring the entire unit forward while still getting the necessary reinforcement.

Ohh these must be overdimensioned bass-heavy beasts !!!! ;) :D :devilr:

But one can be sure that the statement ".... The finish is a one of a kind burgundy gloss with little grain showing. This will appeal to buyers wanting a set of cabinets that do not draw attention to themselves...." is definitley true since attention is automatically drawn to the huge walls.

OTOH: I bet the high price makes them definitely sound great.


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