15" MTX LoudSpeakers


2007-12-26 5:04 am
15" MTX LoudSpeakers

hey everyone well i purchased these off a buddy for $50 he had no use for them and they havent been used in years! (stored in a barn) and i know the box looks really hurtin but im probably going to just build a new one, and for the speakers, i have them hooked to my reciever and they pound! i have no clue how many watts they are! i cant find any specs for them, all i see on the back is "15UD546" 8 OLM and the back of the box says "mtx loud speakers" i was wondering if anyone knows the specs of these? im just curious.. and im probably going to throw them in my car :D

Pull them out, some MTX have the model number on the magnet rear face, then "Google search" if the MTX website doesn't have the spec's.
Personally I have used one of the older cheaper 15's as a bass driver and they are OK it you can tolerate a BIG box, but hell! here in Australia $50 hardly buys you a pair of movie tickets so you are ahead of the game already