15" LCD bulbs newb Q.

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15" LCD bulbs newb Q.

Hi to all I'm new here

After a lot of reading finally I have the courage to start my 15" LCD project but still I confuse a little.

I want to use it in quit dark room, 100" screen size

1. What type of bulbs I need (I want color temp of 5K +)?
2. What type of 220V-240V ballast I will need (Israel)?
3. Can I use 7" front projector CRT lens for that project?
4. Is ACE copy lens is better?

In CRT lens you can adjust the focus in the corners.

Thanks shlomid
For a 100" screen image, you will need a 400 Watt lamp. There are some nice double-ended lamps made by OSRAM. exclusiv online sells them, with a ballast for 240 VAC 50 Hz:


You can also use a Ushio retrofit lamp UHI-S400DD. This is a good MH lamp designed to replace a 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium lamp. (So it uses the HPS ballast, capacitor, and ignitor.) In the US, you can buy these from AtlantaLightbulbs.com. You should probably look for a closer Ushio retailer. Buy the HPS ballast in your own city, to avoid paying a huge shipping bill. This should be easy to find. HPS lamps are those pink lamps they use in parking lots, etc.

A CRT projection lens has to be just a few cm from the CRT surface, by design. You could use a 7" diameter lens with a 7" Lilliput LCD. You would need a 15" diameter lens for a 15" LCD!

For a 15" LCD, you need a copy lens, a process lens, or a large-format projection triplet (like an overhead projector lens). These are all designed to work with large objects, like 11" by 14" photographic plates.
Hey while we're on this subject, How about this setup. The eletronic ballast from Lumen lab here:https://secure.lumenlab.com/shop/product.php?id=16. With the 400w HQI and the FC2 holders from Diyprojectorcompany: http://www.diyprojectorcompany.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=22. All together including shipping for me is $181.07 ($159.93 before shipping). You think these components will all work great? I am assuming they would but I know nothing about lighting. It says the HQI from diyprojectorcompany only has 4200K color temp. Any thoughts?
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