15 inch sub plus FR125

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Am I just being goofy in thinking this will work?

If one was to take this sub http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&Partnumber=295-470 and but it in a 10 cubic foot box, it will hit around 23-25 Hz with a 4 ohm resistor in series with the driver. Because it is a 4 ohm driver with 4 ohms in series, it would be effectively an 8 ohm driver. A FR125 could be built into this box and put in parallel with the 15 inch sub with appropriate crossovers. Then the system would hit around 23-20kHz.

Is this just foolishness on my part or do you think it is doable?
Hello David,

I'm not sure why you would want a series resistor on a woofer. That's not a common practice. What is your idea there?

The FR's will require a separate chamber from the main woofer.

The FR driver is very inefficient so you will likely want 4 per box to keep up to the woofer. A single driver will run out of gas long before the woofer.

You might wish to consider using a plate amp and using the high level outs for the FR's. That will mean using the high level ins. It will give you better overall control of the system and save money on XO's.
Thanks for the comments guys.

The series resistor would effect the Qt of the system, pushing the response of the woofer in the low end down from ~40 Hz in the sealed box to ~23 Hz in the same sized box. This would also reduce the SPL making it easier to match to the FR125 as well as allow a parallel crossover arrangement between the two speakers.
perhaps a different approach?

As Cal suggest maybe a sub with a plate amp? I've been looking at building something similar. 12" sub + plate amp per side with an OB full-ranger (+ super tweet if needed). Use the internal (low level) crossover on the sub amp. That way the FR125 need not even try to produce any bass below the crossover point and freeing up your amplifier for the mid and high range.

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You may consider this nice 10" AurumCantus...might mate nicely


or even the Dayton 15" IB in a dipole


There are a couple of problems with "your" Dayton 15"
Ragged top
Too efficient(?)
Peaked midbass

What you need is BSC, hence a higher xo point around 300hz
Fore that you need a woofer with smooth FR
Bass will probably need to be exstremely tight, not to "overfloat" the delicate FR125
I suppose you may get a decent result with even a simple "6db" filter

But as Cal said, you wont be able to play insanely loud with the FR125...not his words, but something like that
I dont know, but it might help a lot when FR125 is relieved of its bass duties
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