15 inch fullrange in car audio


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You will soon be requiring hearing aids due to hearing loss, as will your passengers.
If you wind the bass up, it should be able to pop your rear windscreen out if you design it properly. The power handling for these units are 300Watts peak, that equates to 150W RMS, each speaker.
Don't over drive the aluminium speech coil or it will overheat and destroy itself and your amplifier.
That will be expensive!!!
The 15 inch drivers have enough power to do everything.

But installation without solid enclosure takes away some power in the bass. I guess.

However I liked the sound as it was ruler flat EQed and time coherent due to one way point source.

My friend admitted he heard details in sound he never heard before from multi ways.

But as he is a bass fetishist he gave them away. Also the installation makes the back seats unusable
All the rear of the BMW i3 has more liters than most boxes. However it is very lossy to use them like this.

The drivers have a lot of radiating surface but the built defines if the box can build up pressure or not.

Like this it works nice for most users but for better bass you would need a good box. With dsp it could all be tuned to be flat irrespective of Thiele small parameters.

The Fans are out of stock at the moment. You can get them used. 38cm in fullrange is very rarely built and sold. The fanes have a copper ring and the cone travel is above average.

I got for myself two pairs I have put on the shelf for later projects.
Using DSP or equalization to compensate for poor response on the low-end can require a LOT of power and would result in amplifier clipping to reach even moderate levels. The power required to reach much more output would likely exceed what the speaker can handle.

These may be suitable for someone satisfied for moderate output levels but not for someone who wants heavy bass.