13W audio integrated amplifier

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I have to make a 13W audio integrated amplifier including the pre-amp, the amplifier itself and an equalizer consisting of bass, treble, control and crossover. The distortion should be less than 0.1%. It should be a discreet circuit consisting of bjt,capacitors,resistors etc. i'm struggling to start my project and I don't even noe where and what to start. I have a basic knowledge of electronics but applying it is someting else to me. I studied more deeply about amplifier on the net to get me started but it get me more confused. I really need help.. If u guys have any tutorials or wateva to get me started, it would really help. Thanx!!
I 'm not an expert to and the way I did was to build very simple circuits that I could easely understand the basic.

I've started with IC chips with few components, like TDA2030, and evolved to a much better (yet simple) design that is the Son of Zen.

In the meantime I've also build some tone controls with magazine projects, but I dont use them anymore as they change the sound and we don't want that, do we?

next I bougth a preamp kit that came with everithing and a litle electronic introduction. Again it was very simple stuff. Just class A and no feedback.

The build of SOZ was more a mechanical task and a detective task to build the chassis, drill the holes make the threads for the bolts, sawing, polishing, etc. the detective part is to find the components. Sometimes they are hard to find, but here U can find some help for that.

So if I were you I just build a simple amp and save the preamp and equalizer for later. Maybe you'll find that you dont need them.

At least the equalizer.
PedroPO said:
I wouldn't say that class A is messy in transistor amps, but you should be advised that you'll need big heatsinks ans some caution in PSU, but is very doable for the beginner, maybe a bit expensive, and the power is smaller, but very simple ( the design )

Sorry, i didn't meant messy in the sense of the complexity of the electronics... in fact, as you said, in that sense most class-a amps are almost trivial. I meant layout, heatsinking issues, power supplies and such, not to mention the heat generated by the amp which must stay near the listener if it's integrated...
Hey guys i found out the circuit i wanted to do. It meets all my requirements but i just need some clarification from u all. The preamp and power amp is as figured below.

1) how do i noe whether this thing is stereo or not.. is this amplifier stereo!!

I still couldn't figure out which equlizer to use cos there are so many out there. Let's say i were to get an equlizer circuit.. the equlizer circuit has two output channel(stereo).

2) My question is where do i put my equalizer.. in between the preamp and power amp?

3) If dat's the case, both the channel output will be connected to the input of the power amp.. Is dat correct?

4) Lastly, the figure says resistor value says 200R in the figure. Huh.. is it 200 kohm or 200 ohm?

Sorry for askin such stupid questions. As u see, i'm really at the basic of learning this. And btw, thanx for answering my queries. Its been a massive help for me! :)


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wreck_gag said:
How do i chg to a stereo?
Make two of everything. If you buy ESP circuit boards, the preamp board already comes as a stereo unit, you just need twice as many parts.

A warning about this power amp: it makes a lot of heat! I have built up one channel and ended up doubling the output transistors (now 4 per channel) and moving to a larger heatsink just to keep it at a reasonable temperature. Pay close attention to Rod's article.
wreck_gag said:
(1)Meaning have to do two preamp,two power amp and two equalizer.. is dat it?

(2)U ended up with 4 per channel.. what does it mean?

(3)What i need is an amplifier less than 1.8 kg. With a gd heatsink, do u think it's possible?
(1) Yes.
(2) I mean 4 power transistors per channel.
(3) Not this one. The heatsink for one channel alone would probably weigh that much. And then you need a power supply. I think it might be a little ambitious for your experience level.

Please look at Project 72 from the same site you got this schematic, and consider buying circuit boards for it. You can feed it directly from a CD player (with a volume control) and add an equalizer later.
I decided to do project 72 like wat paulb recommended with the Doz preamp. But then i will have two input channel of the amplifier. My preamp output only have one output.

1)Where do d other input of the amplifier go?

2)What about the volume control..is it the cd player volume control or is it integrated with the amp or preamp?

Thanx Lisandro and paulb!!
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