12vdc gain stage or preamp

I have been seaching for a suitable gain stage for my "music centre" to go between my Monica DAC - RB ss IV stage and my Charlize T amp.

Whilst testing these units, I used a Musical Fidelity preamp, so I am aware that the Charlize is capable of far more volume with some gain.

See: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showt...hreadid=115583

I am looking for a 24 - 12vdc (because I have this available already) gain stage to add. I have found these two options, the Partridge units looks suspiciously cheap, the Dantimax is larger and more expensive than I had hoped for.

See Rem Pre:

See: either 2x CHK00619, or 1x CHK00740


I know that most gain stages are +/- 12v. I am being a bit lazy looking for a 12v solution.