12V portable soundsystem help


2010-10-27 1:18 pm
Hey guys I am trying to build a portable system as part of my HNC project that will consist of a 12V battery (possible 2 in series or parellel) that will run a couple of old technic 8ohm hi-fi speakers I have (they can always be upgraded when I have some more money) I am trying to make the amplifier pretty water resistant so I can use it for festivals, BBQs and the like :)

My initial idea was to run some plastic tubing around and power it with a small fishtank type pump and an external reservoir, poissibly with a PC fan inside to to control the temperature.

I have to admit my knowledge isn't that fantastic on this sort of thing, but I have spent a few days researching and have done some soldering in the past.

My question really is what is your advice, I would like to build the amplifier rather than buy it but am undecided on whether to buy the ESP project 3A or the 41Hz project 6 basic. Alternatively at the college we have access to PCB wizard and I have Express PCB, I have only briefly looked at these and found them quite difficult to grasp (only really have knowledge of multisim) oh the college has an PCB etching machine so it would cut my costs down alot.

Anyways any help/advice etc. would be much appreciated
Thanks alot :)