12" Titanic MKII


A friend of mine recently built a titanic 10" in about a 1-1.5cu. ft. sealed enclosure. He is not happy with his at all. I would suggest porting yours to get the most out of it.

Another option is a linkwitz transform in a sealed enclosure. I don't have any experience with this, but I've heard some pretty good things. You may be able to get the bottom octave in a sealed enclosure this way.

Throw some numbers into a speaker design program and compare the response curves. That will give you a rough idea of what you'll get. If you are using for alot of home theater, try to make it roll off in the 20's, for mostly music you can get away with rolling off in the lower 30's.

Good Luck!

Did some design work for a small sub with this driver and it looks very nice for a 2 ft^3 ported design: 3 inch diameter, 17 inches long. F3 in the low 20s and a smooth rolloff that should match with typical room gain.

My only concern was the air speed was high with a port of that size - but any bigger and the length becomes impractical.

Thanks for the Ebay tip.

if you get a flared port you can effectively cut down the length of the port. I would recommend a bigger box than 2 cu. ft. though. If you paid for a nice sub like the titanic, you might as well go for a big box. I'd recommend 3 cu. ft. for a good sub for both music and movies.

My 12" sub is in a 5 cu. ft. box and I wish it had a little more around 50-60Hz. I think it would if it was in a 3-4 cu. ft. box. I'm running a shiva, which is fairly similar to the titanic. Hope this helps,