12" or even 15" Bass Driver to work with Beyma 200-TPL AMT

Looking for bass driver options in the 12” range? To build a two way system based around the Beyma 200-TLP AMT tweeter.

I doubt that there are any 15" units that could work well and effectively up to 1.2KHz but I did think about them?

Crossover would likely be third order (electrical) slopes, probably in the 1.2 to 1.5 KHz range.

Lower sensitivity bass units would be fine, any ideas?
The Beyma TPL-150H datasheet and 3rd party measured SPL data shows a flat SPL down to 1kHz, and this makes it a better tweeter to integrate with select 10" - 12" - 15" midbass drivers. The Faital 15PR400 looks like it would match the 80-degree plolar response of the TPL-150H around 1.2kHz as 'puppet' suggested. I really like the high frequency extension on my AES TD15M speakers, but I do not have any measurements above 800Hz.
-several commercial designs use the TPL150H down to 1.2-1.3kHz
-several diyAudio TPL-150H owners state that a crossover over 1.6kHz is required to "keep the TPL-150H sparkle"

If you already own the TPL-200 and want an exceptional home speaker, I suspect you will want to design a 3-way with a select 8" midrange with a 2kHz crossover using 3rd or 4th order circuits, plus a 15"-18" woofer.

Beyma published papers on AMT film-foil technology and opimized construction designs for flat SPL and high power. I think this tech went into latest TPL-150 for low frequency extension for home use, and into the TPL-200 for high power pro sound . Beyma’s AMTs for pro sound use its proprietary X-Bow technology to open as much as possible the mechanical constraint in the diaphragm, allowing it to manage higher temperatures thus increasing the limit of the power it can handle.