110v pro audio DSP install into GX470 12v car stereo??

I’m curious what you guys think about the idea of installing a pro audio dsp into a 12v car audio system?
I’m aware that many companies out there have been making car audio dsp’s for years BUT I work as an A/V tech and we use either a biamp nexia, audia, (both older but Very capable and Cheap) or a tesira dsp in most every setup we do. (Mostly churches, sports bars, banquet halls etc.)
There 110v ac out of the box but that’s just converted to 24v dc as soon as it’s plugged in so do you guys see any reason I shouldn’t get a decent 12 to 24v boost converter and use something I can get for basically free and has amazingly capable software??
Anyone can get a rack Mount biamp nexia dsp on eBay for $30-$50 and the possibilities are almost endless. An Audia or Tersia would even add AEC capabilities for phone calls if you wanted to go all out I would assume.
Anyone have any experience with Pro Audio installations into a 12-24v dc system?
I’m on a budget but unless I’m missing something it sure seems like an affordable way to do what would cost over a grand for pretty cheap?? Idk maybe I’m crazy
I have done that sort of thing back in 1997.

I made a cable from rca to 1/4' jack so my nakamichi mobile tuner deck 2 sent its signal to a pair of peavey autograph ii eqs and then to a martin audio emx2 3 way active crossover. And from there to the power amplifiers.

I had to make two small ( isolated ) dc-dc converters to power the pa gear. The martin audio crossover used 32 opamps so the first converter was at around +/-22V and was fed to the internal regulators.
The peaveys were a bit more tricky as i remember they needed an additional voltage, but it was no big deal. There was no noise at all. It worked very nice. Tuning the eqs was a pain in the butt.
I even removed the front panels of the peaveys, along with their very wide lcd screen, and mounted them up where the sun visors should be. I had to extend the connecting ribbon cables so that the main eq sat in the back and the screen along with all the control buttons was in the front.

Please note it was still the 90's where no digital stuff was available.
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Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate the advice especially from people like yourself who have such experience!
I’ll take you guys’ advice and some pics of what I end up doing. This is obviously an ongoing project due to work taking up so much time and kids eating up so much money lol so it may be a couple months before I repost.
I truly appreciate the help and will keep checking back to see if anyone else has any suggestions or advice :)

Clearly I’m “new” here (been reading yet not contributing for years) so I’ll probably look around and find a notification option to avoid having to check back for any response. Taking the time to help someone [me] and then feeling like they never even read it or couldn’t at least say thanks is the worst!