110v ceiling mount speakers

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For our church group we have had an extension done to our old building and have been advised to install 110v ceiling mount speakers for the extension side.
Our power supply is 230V 50Hz Single phase

Does anyone have any info (installation techniques, pros and cons, etc) on these types of systems (websites to go to, etc)?

Also what sort of amplifier would be required?

There will be about 12 of these types of speakers?

Our current system uses wall mounted speakers and a 100W amplifier.

Any info would be much appreciated

110V speakers.

If these are amplified speakers dont connect 110V to a 230V supply you will damage the spower supply of the amplifier part of the speakers.

if these are amplified speakers then you dont need a power amp just a preamp that can drive 12 power amps (one in each speaker).

if these are not amplified speakers I suspect someone is feeding you a tall tale. few speakers can handle 110V AC.

try andpost more info. something is missing.

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110V has nothing to do with the mains. It is a transformer coupled distribution system.

110V is a bit unusual, usually they are 70V. This is a scheme to allow an amp to drive many loudspeakers with long cables. The output of the amp is run thru a transformer(internal to the amp in the case of amps designed to do this) to get the 70V (or 110) run down the cable, and then there is another transformer at the speaker that steps this back down to drive the 4-8 ohm speakers.

Go check out the Atlas-Soundolier tech pages. Start with the "70-Volt & Distributed Sound Systems Rules of Thumb" article.

Hi gunmasterg9

Planet10 pointed you to a good link. And he's right, it is normally a 70V line system.

What I am more concern about is whether this is the correct system to implement. It has its virtues, but also its drawbacks. Furthermore, churches are not the easiest places to design a sound system, believe me.

Perhaps you would like to furnish more information like:

1) Is the sound system expected to cover only vocal range or is expected to reproduce music also, eg like a musical ministry.
2) Is the system going to be manned by someone (ie is there a qualified personnel controlling your mixer) during service, or is it just switched on by someone and that's it.
3) Floorplan (or some estimated dimensions of your church, incl ceiling height).
4) Seating arrangement, main entrance, location of altar, etc
5) Type of surfaces for floor, side walls, wall behind altar
6) Present Sound system design, a list of all equipement and position of all speakers.
7) Number and type of microphones used and their position.

And most importantly, what is the budget.

Thanks for the replies

planet10, that was a good site you directed me to. Thats exactly what I was after.

We are a very small group at the moment and therefore not much to spend so this is what has been suggested. The use is mainly for vocal use (98% of the time) and music (2%).

I have done a search of my own and came up with TOA speakers and downloaded their speaker guide book (.pdf). Its 5.6Mb in size.


So thanks everyone

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.