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11 inch R-Theta heat sink


2010-07-05 4:49 am
I'm trying to buy 11 inch R-Theta heat sinks, but I need to buy at least 7 of them to get the price down to a reasonable amount. Therefore I'll have 5 heat sinks for sale.

The extrusion profile is 65340 which is 11 inches wide, 2.3 inch high, with a 0.3 inch base. I'm getting these cut to 8 inch lengths. The price is C$ 35 + tax. You'll have to add the shipping from Toronto or free to pick up if in the area.

You can model the heatsink using the software on their website. The model shows this is able to get rid of 120 W heat from a Aleph J with a peak temperature of ~70 C.

These will be available this week or next.