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10pcs AZUMA B7G VALVE/TUBE BASES - [as used by Audio Note]

Hi All,

I have to spare 10pcs of AZUMA B7G high quality Valve/tube bases - ceramic with gold plated contacts. These are the Japanese made bases as used in some Audio Note products. They have excellent pin grip and are beutifully made.
These were bought from Michael Percy Aucdio some time ago (still in the 'Percy pack'!) and I've never used them, so offer them now as I don;t need them.
Excellent for use with 6X4/U78, 6AQ5/EL90, etc

All 10 offered as a lot for GBP20.00 (much less than I paid for them)
+ postage UK GBP3, Europe GBP6, Elsewhere GBP7

Please send a PM if you'd like them.
Photo of B7g azuma bases

P.S Here's a photo that I forgot to put on the main post


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