102 years for the Flip Flop

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You *and* Hack-A-Day need to get with-it, sharpen your game, polish your calendar. From an email to my family geeks:

me said:
A guy on a tube-amp chatroom found a thingie with Octal plug on bottom and 12AU7 holes in top, marked "FLIP FLOP", Electronic Engineering of California ZA 8336.
Dropbox - photos

In explaining it, I realized that this is 100 years since the Eccles & Jordan "Trigger relay" patent of 1918.

Eccles & Jordan Invent the Flip-Flop Circuit, the Basis for Electronic Memory : History of Information
Flip-flop (electronics - Wikipedia)

Oddly, considering later uses, E&J did not note the electronic set/reset function. They actually triggered it with a microphone "snapping the thumb and finger at a distance of five feet from the telephone". They re-set by "dimming the filament"!

The Colossus computer of 1943 used flops. The flip-flop types SR, D, T, JK seem to originate from a 1954 UCLA course.

The guy with the thingie-module was astonished that his PC and cellfone contain millions of flip-flops.

Note that my email is 3 months before the Hackaday article.

Those who are doomed to repeat the past are.... uh, I forget the rest of that saying...


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