100V line test amp


2010-10-24 12:53 pm
Hi guys,
working as an AV service tech, I have found the need for a portable amp to test 100V line systems.
I was thinking along the lines of this circuit by silicon chip

I'm guessing the ouput of the LM386 will be too low to run more than a few speakers tapped at 40W.

Would I be able to use a 20W / 40W bridgemode amplifier (ah-la radioshack) instead?
Can i still use a speaker transformer in reverse, as per the sil-chip circuit?
Can i (long shot) make it battery portable?

any help is .... helpful :)
Yes, a cheap chip amplifier driving a mains transformer in reverse will do. No need to use a proper audio transformer if it is just for testing. For example, for an amplifier rated at 10W into 8 ohms, that's about 9 volts RMS. Use a 10 watt transformer with a 24V secondary and 230V primary , or 12V secondary and 110V primary.
You don't need to test the 100V system at 100V.

If you do then you will have to provide the total amount of power the speaker taps are set at.

If you have (for example) five set at 10W tap and 3 set at 20W tap then to operate at 100V you will need a 110W amp.

If you operate the same load at 10V you will need only 1.1W.

Start looking at it this way and you might have an easier goal for your portable test set.

If you designed a test set to produce 10Vrms and you monitored the current into the system, then you could calculate the total loading that has been placed on the 100V system.

Just an idea.

It is just math.