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100mhz Tek scope for sale.

(Mods,please move if needed,not quite sure where to put this!)

Hey guys,

My good buddy up the street has a nice 'scope for sale.
Here's the details:
* Dual channel
* 100 mhz scope with digital storage
* Sampling rate 100 data words / horizontal div. (max. 20 ms/s)
* 100 ns glitch capture
* 4k record length
* Cursors, signal averaging, post acquisition expansion, compression & positioning

The Tektronix 2230 Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a combination non-storage and digital storage dual-channel 100 MHz bandwidth instrument. It is a rugged, lightweight oscilloscope featuring microprocessor operation and alphanumeric CRT readout of many of the front panel controls.

In the digital storage mode, up to three waveform sets (CH 1 and/or CH 2) may be stored in a save ref. memory and recalled for display at a later time. The digital storage sampling rate is 20 megasamples per second maximum, and the acquired record length is 4 k samples (1 k may also be selected) for a single channel or 2 k samples for dual-channel (Chop or Alt) displays.

I've had this for many years and rarely used it, everything works and is in great overall physical condition. Prefer local buyers but either way if you are interested we can work out shipping.









If you're interested,shoot him an email at: rotordemon20b(at)gmail(dot)com

He's located about 1 block from me,in Portland,Oregon.(97236)