10000uf 4-lead snap in capacitor

I need to replace two capacitors in a vintage Technics amp and have tried every resource I've seen to find them to no avail. Wondering couple of things; first, how far off these specs would be acceptable if I found something close and since two pin seems to be more common, am I correct in thinking the stamped reference to A & C being dummy lugs means they serve no function, so might a two pin work? I'm something of a novice so for now only know enough to get into trouble but not necessarily enough to get out of it!


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Yes, it is just a simple cap. any cap that meets the 10000uf 50v ratings will worrk.

On caps like that which are physically larger, sometimes they are made with the extra pins for stability. You solder four points to the board instead of two, and it is much more difficult for the cap to rock back and forth and crack its solder.

FInd a two-pin one with the same lead spacing. Then if you like you can run a bead of silicone sealer or some glue around the bottom edge to make it more sturdy. If the amp is goi9ng to just sit on your shelf, it probably doesn;t need that help.