100 Watt Volksamp 60 ?

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Had some experience last year and half with a friend built DIY Aleph 2 and loved it. Good enough for orchestra for me but as I'm more into vocals, chamber and jazz like to have a bit more sweetness and 'be-there' realism, w/o losing the power. So I'm looking to get either an original Aleph 2 or Volksamp/ Aleph 60 used

With kids and family and not much time for DIY now but wonder if modifying an Aleph 60 to 100 Watt would be simple ... and if anyone has tried something similar.

I also have problem with the size though with the larger case of the Aleph 60 (12"=> 17") so also like to know if anyone has retrofit it back into the extrusion casing to save space ...

thanks a ton
Modification of a 60W amp to 100W isn't going to work--at least not easily. You need to replace the power transformer and caps with higher voltage parts and a few other things. Then there's the heatsinks, which figure heavily into the heat dissipation part of the equation. I'm not sure that the stock heatsinks on the Volksamp will dissipate the required heat--particularly with the fins oriented the way they are.

how about ..

Thanks Grey

How about just reusing my current DIY A2 monoblocks casing and power section ? In fact the A60 are too big in size for my place

Does the Aleph 5 lead itself easily to increasing the power section ? Just saw an unit for sale on audiogon

I confess to being a little perplexed...why are you wanting to increase the power of an existing amplifier? It's always going to be an exercise in frustration. All the things I said in my previous post will still apply. To add to the agony, you'll often need to redesign the front end.
My suggestion would be to either buy or build what you want in the first place.

The power part is because I' ve found my current DIY A2 ok in orchestra, so like to keep it that way. However since sweeter midrange + vocals is my end-game, it looks like a Volksamp at 100 Watt would be ideal, but then it has to be in an old Aleph 2 casing as I cannot fit two 17"casing of the Volksamp in my listening area

I think modifying is a bad idea, lately have learnt that TVC tube preamp can help with sweetness, so I should just try out either the original A2 or A5 (as their casing can fit )

I cannot figure out why A5 has a smaller power supply but drawing same 300 Watt from the wall like the A2, is this due to higher biasing ?
The Aleph 2 was a monoblock design. The Aleph 5 was, I believe, a stereo chassis, so what you're seeing is the draw for two channels in the same chassis. The biasing per device was more-or-less the same for all the Aleph variants.
Yes, tubes can help if you want things warmer. I use a conrad johnson Premier Three preamp with my Alephs.
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying about power. The Aleph 2 was 100W/ch. If I understand you correctly, you're wanting more power...yes? Then why do you want to go to a Volksamp, the larger of the two being only 60W? I'm sure I missed something, or perhaps it's just because I'm tired.

Aleph 5 vs 2


You already helped me to make up my mind between the two!
In terms of comments on the web, people really like the Aleph 5, so I wonder if there are some circuit refinements compare to Aleph 2. I think the answer is 'no', in fact, per spec the Aleph 5 lose to Aleph 2 in terms of damping, distortion and voltage output

Volksamp though I know has better input impedance and extension due to improved matching of input stage from NP's description, so it has more flexibilities in terms of preamp (tube passive or TVC). That's what I'm drooling over :)

Right now I think I should wait for a used Aleph 2 to buy and pair it with an Apollo TVC tube amp. Yes the Conrad Johnson Premier is also a know performer for Aleph 3

many thanks !
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