100 liters sealed. What sub driver goes the lowest??

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Been modeling stuff, but want to know if there is a sleeper out there under $120 US that I am missing. I'm using 150 watt plate amp with a 5dB boost at 30Hz. Crossing at 100Hz. I haven't been modeling with the bass boost, cause I'm a newbie and I'm not sure if I have that side of the spreadsheet set correctly.

Looked at the:

15" Dayton Quatro--get a 20.7 f10

12" Titanic 1200 on closeout $89.99--read about it "bottoming out easy" though--get a 19.2 f10

10" Vifa MA26 Aluminum cone--get a 17.6 f10, has an ugly 83dB sensitivity though. Will 150 watts even turn it on?:confused:

Anything else that works good in a sealed enclosure at 100 liters?


What is your application and goals exactly? Asside 100l sealed with a 150watt amp?

I have recently built the autotuba from Billfitzmaurice, and although it doesnt pump out the extremely low notes(below40hz) it still has high efficiency and with a little more than 100watts RMS power handling and being ~100l(total enclosure volume) and only ~$60 including driver, wood,(most of the cost depends on the wood used) and plans might be perfect for such an application. It will still make the house rattle at 30hz, but is definately not flat down to it. But then again, neither will be almost any sealed system out there. The horn loading definately gives you everything and more you will need for music. ;)
I haven't built a Tuba yet (I have cut the pieces for the Tuba 18), but after you apply the bass boast on the AutoTuba the response might be pretty decent...hard to make an accurate prediction as Bill's response curve was made in a car and relies on a lot of pressure vessel gain.

You can find it here:


The price is definitely right, though.

You will need a tablesaw and/ or a router, most likely.

EDIT: Looks like he added a 10" version as well. You could email him and see if it goes much lower than the 8" version. Bill is a friendly guy and has always answers my emails quickly.
Good questions, didn't mention this is for music only audio system. I am tied to 100L as that would be the perfect size sub to act as "stands" for my satellites. There will be a stereo pair of subs crossed at 100Hz (or lower).

So, I'm kinda going "backwards" with this one. I have the cabinet designed, and already have the 150W plate amp and now need driver(s) to "add some quality bass for music". That's about the only goal! Hence, the sealed decision. That's about the only goal! I would like a low f10 for my pipe organ stuff.
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