10" PA driver for FAST - possible?

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Hello all,
about to finish my B&W clones with Fostex FE168EZ Sigma.
Looking for PA driver to act as a helper woofer down to about 40-50Hz (enough for music I guess).
I have been searching the forum but no luck....
Any ideas?
I prefer highish sensitivity (to match Fostex), light paper cone, fast dynamic driver, budget about 150 euros/pc.

Thanks guys

10" PA midbasses are easy to come by: a compact 10" plus tweeter 2-way cabinet is a fairly standard piece of kit.

A 10" woofer, however, will be more difficult to find. Woofers are designed to produce bass and only bass. In the PA world, 15", 18" and 21" drivers are used for that, as a 10" cone won't move much air in comparison.

What I'm saying is that you could easily use a 10" PA midbass. It'd have fairly high sensitivity, but not much in the way of bass extension, and will run into harmonic distortion quite quickly. They're not meant for low frequencies, and asking that of them doesn't seem wise.

On the other hand, check this out.
Speaker Detail | Eminence Speaker

It'll do more bass than most PA 10"s, but loses some sensitivity.

thanks Chris...
I am not expecting the woofer to do sub frequencies :) I know better than that... What I want is that the woofer should be ok for freq from around 40hz f3.. or little higher... I know that would be plenty for music... at least according to spec sheets...
What I am asking is real world performance, dynamic, detail (I would run it up to about 500-700Hz? )

The Eminence driver looks very good, the sensitivity is not that bad actually...
I have to sketch it up to see if the flange shape wont be a problem....
thank you again....

Any more suggestion please feel free to chime in. Also any tips and hints why yes PA and why not for home use..


The KappaLite has a dip at 500Hz...perhaps not so good?
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oh, very IMPORTANT note:
I can't go above 256mm in diameter !!!

So the KappaLite is OUT

OK I just checked the drawing, the total maximum would be 273mm diameter, but that's extreme case.

And I still have to come up with the total volume :( damn I forgot about that one, that will be together with the diameter the major restriction.
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I didn't build it yet, I have build the top section with the Fostex Sigma, now I am designing the bottom section to pass WAF.....
I have some sketch but need to calculate the volume and get a suitable driver


P.S.: here is the sketch


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I know that for active and powerful amp I don't have to care too much about sensitivity.... Its just the quality PA drivers sound to me.... how should i put it... fast, really dynamic. Probably due to very light paper cone and million other things.... Simply put PA or very very expensive drivers sound to me much better than any other Hi-Fi woofers...

The Beyma range sure is interesting, price wise too.
Pro drivers might sound fast and dynamic because they are missing the low bottom end. I happen to like the sound of pro drivers too. They play louder and have a more effortless sound to them than some of the more delicate drivers many discuss on this forum.

they also have dirty great big magnets on them compared to most fullrangers. their BL to cone weights is usually much better which is why i think they do produce quite good detail. the full rangers are a bit wild for me however. i think the drivers need some mods to tame their rawness and the fact they're built to survive being played very loud, Enabl and frame mods etc.
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