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10 LAB12 Drivers for sale

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Mine arrived, both damaged. PM sent.

i replied to you on paypal. damn fedex, im going back to ups. i can't do anything today as everything is closed, but i will call fedex tomorrow. i have insurance on the package so they will pay for it.

delivery people get lazy during the holidays, this stuff happens. i actually just had a set of 8" mids delivered and they don't even look like speakers, lol. there just the motors and chunks of basket in a box. but again, fedex is good with there insurance and you will get your refund.
I will box them up and have them ready for Fed Ex to retrieve them. I kept all the packaging so I will put them back together the way they came. Of there os a Fed Ex drop off close to my parents house I don't mind dropping them off if that will expedite things.

One of the frames is badly cracked. Both spiders are stretched but you may be able to hang them for a while but I am not sure they will align properly. The non cracked driver rubs on the voice coil, this may return to normal after a while, not sure. They both may still be usable with some effort. I don't know if they will keep them or return them. I have had them leave some stuff I sent once that arrived damaged...the buyer got to keep the broken goods which he was able to salvage. Sometimes if the claim is rather smallish they won't even look at the stuff, I have had that happen twice. We will see what they want to do. Either case they will be ready for delivery first thing Monday.

Sucks....I had great plans for these....a scaled up WO32!
yea it depends on what fedex says. if they don't take them you can just keep them, i'll just throw them out anyway, lol. i'll call them as soon as i wake up and figure this out. again im sorry for this, fedex is usally good with this stuff, i ship out 100+ lbs woofers out all the time and they have never broke anything, but i guess they just screwed up this time. i'll email you tomorrow and let you know whats up. thanks for understanding.
This guy sent me two damaged drivers. Although it is true the packing job was about as substandard as you can get I doubt the damage was done during shipping. It appeared the drivers were torked down too tightly and the frames were cracked because of this. He was to put in a fedex claim and pay me back. I never heard from him again since the last post above. I had to put a paypal claim against him for which he never responded. There are plenty of shady characters you have to avoid in life.....avoid this one for sure.

Fortunately I have PayPal buyer protection....they found in my favor and refunded me the money he took. He will now have to untangle himself with PayPal I guess.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.