$1 Shipping on Shiva and Tempest

magnetik said:
I think he mentioned it because he is in Canada..

That's exactly right. If you divide 190can by 125usd you get 1.2 .
That's lower than the exchange rate, which is 1.59 today!

BrianGT just asked about customs: I just ordered about 20lbs of surplus stuff from BGmicro. It had a sticker on it reading "Opened by Customs". Nothing was broken or missing. Canada Customs charged me GST, PST and a $5can handling fee. That wasn't a big deal because I didn't have to pay any taxes to BGMicro because I don't live in the US. If I had bought the stuff locally I would have only saved the shipping and the $5can fee.

Anyhow, I have to finish 3 other(almost done) projects before I build a sub. (a headphone amp(a R.Slone design), some TangBand w4-657s fulll range speakers for my computer and a LM3886 stereo amp to power them). I figure I'll order a shiva soon, because I don't know if the free shipping is for a limited time or not. Does anyone happen to know?