1 Ohm For Aleph30

Hello Mr. Pass an the rest of DIY community,

I have recently finished Zen Revisited (http://www.passdiy.com/gallery/zenrev-p1.htm ) and my fingers are becoming restless again. Hope this is not some kind of DIY disease… Since I have no patience and Penultimate Zen is not born jet, I throw myself into Aleph30. Only Mr. Pass knows if I made the right decision…

As you can see from Zen Revisited I’m some kind of design maniac and I have some ideas for Aleph30 also.

My two questions are:
1. If the maximum output current for Aleph30 is 5A then we have on resistors R22-R27 2 (0,47/6 x 5 x 5) watts max. Why we need 18 (6 x 3W) watts? Can this resistors be, let’s say, 1 watt? I know that is a hole in my thinking, but I don’t know where…
2. Can I replace 0,47ohm resistors with 1ohm resistors in parallel? For R22-R27 bank I would like to use 13 1ohm resistors and for each of R34-R39 resistors 2 1ohm resistors. Is this OK?

Thanks and regards.

Have a nice day.
1--You don't want to operate parts too close to their limits. That said, resistors will take more punishment than, say, transistors.
2--Changing the resistor values will depend on the load you intend to drive. Don't forget that even nominal 8 ohm speakers frequently have sharp dips in their impedance curves at certain frequencies.