1.8" LCD - can't find

I am going to try to build an lcd projector using a 1.8" lcd and an old slide projector. I've searched all over online and can't find any 1.8" lcd's - the only one's I've found are from foriegn websites and don't include prices. I'd like to get the highest quality possible for around $100-120 or less - can anyone tell me the highest quality 1.8" model they've seen for the least price and where I can order one? Thank you.
1.8" lcd's are hard to find. i suggest portable tv's, digital cameras, etc... you could buy the whole unit and strip it for less than buying the panel, and separate controller most of the time. however, they ahve a downside of low resolution. many people argue that it could project fine, but i would hold off until you see some results, OR give us some results to see :)

most are around the 114,000 pixel rating, which is roughly 487x234. it just depends on what you are looking to do.