0dBFS Brickwalling and MP3 Audio

Hi. Are there any sites out there that focus their discussion on the brickwalling of mastered recordings? I'm finding that too many recent recordings are brickwalled to 0dBFS all the time. The result is horrible distortion, of course, if you listen attentively.

Also, are there any sites that discuss the poor quality of MP3 and XM Radio encoded audio? Regarding the latter, I've found it to be practically unlistenable due ot the "slurry" sound effect of high frequencies.

Regarding the former topic, MP3, I truly feel sorry for the poor souls who are being sued by the RIAA for downloading much inferior versions of the songs they sought. For those who pay for MP3 downloads, imagine shelling-out bucks for 1/10 of the data that you deserve! It is ludicrous.

Getting back to brickwalling, compared to my Electronic (1991) disc (playing now), the amplitude never hits 0dBFS and that is fine with me. All you need to do to get the necessary loudness, if you seek to destroy your eardrums, is buy decent drivers and an amp that provides an equal (or larger) amount of RMS wattage! It isn't that difficult! Even with 1980's recordings!

Thanks! (yes, I'm frustrated - and thanks for listening to my rant)