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Get your drool bibs out.

Who here has seen one of these in the wild ?
Who here has ever seen the internals of one ?
Who here has ever heard one ?
As of this weekend, I have :geek:
And I got to compare to my X1.

My overall sonic findings are the same as was posted in the X1 vs X0.2 thread.
The X0 is just that little bit cleaner, more precise, better at everything than the X1.
Then there's the bass.
No contest.
The X0 wins by several Kilometers.
Cleaner, tighter, smoother, etc etc.

After doing a US to AU voltage conversion, I HAD to make sure it was working fine by playing music through it for a day.
But all great things must come to an end, and I had to hand it over to the lucky SOB owner.

The layout and attention to detail is, well, will you marry me 💒👰







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Super Fugly.
Having had an X2.5, now an X1, the internal differences between these and the X0 are not subtle.
So many insanely beautiful changes in the X0.
Every single part and section is amazing.

I have seen the face of perfection, and I am forever altered :)

I have never been able to find a proper retail list of this range.
Would anyone have one ?
It would be an interesting comparison.
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Not uncommon. You can either order and wait for new PCB's or just do a little point-to-point. Not to mention having to reinvest in more PCBs which were are that time more expensive than they are now. Either that or it is a repair.

Also note the green 4.7pf ?resistors? :unsure:

Was there an update or tweak for this preamp?
But yanks are so easily, yankable :p
Anyone that still thinks the imperial system is a good idea must be so insanely high they'd laugh at anything.
Seriously, anyone with ten fingers should be able to comprehend the metric system :ROFLMAO:

X0 is a term for a naval commander isn't it ?
X1 would be his second in command ?

Several have tried talking me into selling my X1. They've been told in blunt language it wont be happening :)
I know where there's an X0, but he's a big boy, and now he's tasted the secret elixir, I think he will be buried with it :(
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