0.22 ohm Vishay Z-foil 4W resistors


2006-07-18 1:50 am
I have got a quote for some very special parts:
0.22 ohm 4W Z-foil Resistors from Texas Components in sets of 8 matched to 0.5%, here are the specs. Suitable for the EUVL balanced F5.
Texas Components Part Number TX2599, which describes the following array of components:

-- One set of eight resistors,
-- Each resistor in a TX220 or TX221 style package, with each resistor in the set matched to within ±0.5% of the resistance value of every other resistor in the set
-- All resistors in the set to be accurate to within ±5.0% of 0R22 ohms when measured at a point 0.5 inches from the package outline in the case of the TX220, or between to two center leads in the case of the TX221 package. Data sheets of the TX220z and the TX221z are attached for your convenience
-- Each resistor capable of a current of 4.0 amperes and a power rating of 4.0 watts when mounted on a heat sink whose temperature does not exceed 80ºC
-- Temperature coefficient of resistance in the TX221 package to be ±0.2 ±2.3 ppm/ºC over the temperature range of 0ºC to 80ºC; and to be ±0.2 ±20.0 ppm/ºC in the TX220 package.

Is anyone else interested.