1. S

    Special offer $130 EL84 Integrated tube amplifier

    Only $130 for this Tube amp. is a special program for people to try our amps We ship out the "Suppo audio" EL84 integrated amplifier for only$100+$80 shipping fees to US and EU by EMS Airmail. If buyer write a review to share his/her experience...
  2. B

    Neumann UM57 From Scratch

    Hi, Just wanted to post this info now that my mic is actually working!!! I made this replica of a Neumann UM57. I did everything except the power supply. It took three months and it works great! It's very transparent and extremely sensitive. I chose this mic because the schematic was...
  3. T

    Tube Amp for MP3 Player

    Hi all! I'm looking to build a small, simple tube amp for my kid's iPod. I'd like something simple, great sounding. Not looking for a kit, just a layout or something like that, the simpler the better. I'm familiar with guitar amps, and it'd be great if I could plug into a champ, for example...
  4. coffeedj

    12B4 Line Stage + Phono Option

    To the 12B4 Line Stage Followers, I am finally recovering from my eye surgery and back on the horse. My head injury last spring caused my retina to tear and I've been out of commission for a while. Anyway, I'm continuing on the 12B4 Kit project and adding a phono option. I've been scouring...
  5. lineup

    André Charlin anybody got his Tube Amp

    Anybody know more of this Charlin ? Anybody ever been owner of an amplifier by him ? EL34 Chardin Amplifier