1. ranshdow

    I rolled my own OPT. Then I made an Arch Nemesis with it.

    "Why are you applying for this job again? Are you sure you want it?" A while back I built MoFos. The idea of using the primaries of salvaged power transformers from microwave ovens as chokes came up. I briefly tested one in my MoFos, heard that it worked, and moved on. But I had collected a few...
  2. Pano

    FS: Signal Transformers Altec, Jensen, Soweter, Onetics

    I love transformer coupled audio circuits. But I have some transformers kicking around my parts box that need to find a new home. $45 Pair: Altec/Peerless 15356 Octal base. Look old, sound great. Some solder on the pins. $35 Pair: Jensen JT-11-HFMPC Tested but never used. $40 Pair: Sowter...
  3. P

    plug-in input transformers in tube PA?

    I have a Bell Sound 5630 tube PA amp I am restoring. It has 3 XLR mic inputs, which are each wired through an octal socket on the chassis before going to the first preamp stage. The sockets are marked (on the chassis and the schematic) as "Low impedance input transformer socket". They currently...
  4. yagoolar

    Needinfo: Tamradio SOT-850 specs

    Looking for specs for a xformer as mentioned in the subjects. Any info is welcome.