1. J

    How can I get the most out of my Sub and amp? looking at aperiodic enclosure!

    Hi, The sub and amp that I have are: Kenwood Electronics Europe | Component Speakers > KFC-W3011 (details) Kenwood Electronics Europe | Amplifiers > KAC-9104D (details) I quite like the sound quality at the moment but I'm sure I can get better =) I'm currently in the progress of re-designing...
  2. 3

    Which chip for 12V subwoofer amp

    Hi there, I am about to start a small car SW (~50W) project, building all parts by myself. For the amp, I have for now decided to go for something chip-based without the need for an SMPS in order to cut down the time investment. Based on my research, I've come to the conclusion that the...
  3. T

    FS: In Los Angeles: four 12" budget subwoofers

    I have FOUR Elemental Designs EHQS 12 subwoofers I purchased for a project which didn't end up happening. This is a well-made subwoofer that doesn't compete with $100 or $200 each subwoofers, but sounds totally decent, and with four of them, it DOES compete with pretty good individual...
  4. H

    T3 Audio Subwoofers at Wholesale

    I have several NEW in the box T3 Audio 10" subwoofers, I have the following: T10s4, T10d4, TS10s4, TS10d4, TSS10d2, TSS10d4. Quantities are very limited and prices start at just $40, you can email me for pictures and more info at
  5. A

    Active Subwoofer Dead Channel

    I have a KRK RP10s active subwoofer, and it has some symptoms that I have never seen before, though I wouldn't say I have much experience with this sort of thing. First off, the right channel is dead. If I plug in the left channel, sound comes out and it works, right channel does nothing...
  6. kipman725

    Good sub

    hello I am in the initial stages of designing my first speaker which shall be a nice 8ohm powered sub with a filter to extend the bass response (I think this is called a Linkwitz circuit in the speaker world). Anyway I was thinking about this driver...