1. eriksquires

    Is digital delay worth it in an active speaker?

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been here in a while but a recent built by Troels Gravesen has made me think about building a new, 3-way active center. Mostly I'm intrigued by the Illuminator 12MU he used. Here's my question. Assuming I go fully active with a similar design, is there any benefit to...
  2. LeifB60

    Golden Ratio speakers?!

    Just a little question. Does a Golden Ratio ratio speaker box have greater capabilities for creating micro-details? Or does it mostly depend on the speaker element used? Does the volume on the speaker box affect the ability to create micro-details? Does the tuning on the speaker box affect the...
  3. Patrick Bateman

    Unity Horn with Metamaterial Tweeter

    Here's a Unity horn I threw together over the weekend. It uses two MCM 55-1870 woofers and an SB 26 ADC tweeter with a metamaterial back chamber. Here's the waveguide. It's loosely based on QSC's waveguide.