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  1. Hondasnl

    InConcert Miles 2022

    Hello friends. InConcert Miles 2022. Project finished. The original speaker was designed and constructed by Stig Erik Tangen. You can find more information on the internet searching for "InConcert Miles". Inspired by Hunsbedt Trebygg, "Karmann" from, "BEF-NO" from AVSforum and...
  2. E

    === "$100 Reference System" ===

    I wish to build a cheapish "reference" system using Dayton drivers. rs100-4 nd20fb-4 I designed the enclosure around Zaph's specs, fr graph found here: Click on rs100-4. Click on nd20fb-4. The formulas for the ported enclosure: DIYaudiocorner. The box will be made out of 3/4'' MDF and will...