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    Help!!! Marantz/Philips CD50, CDM4 Spins but does not Read

    I have got a Philips CD50 (it's the same as Marantz CD50) with CDM4/19, SAA7310, SAA7220p/B, and TDA1541a. It was functioning perfectly, before I decided to replace the caps. Now, the player will detect and spin the CD, but will not read the tracks and stops after a few seconds. If I press PLAY...
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    marantz cd52 tray can't close

    hi all... can somebody in here help me... my cd player tray can't close properly.. have to push the tray everytime.. however to open it there is no problem... I've open the cover to see what the problem.. found out that the motor that drive the drive the tray ALWAYS TURN FORWARD (toward open)...