1. G

    Decent 3 way speaker kit for noob

    Hi All, New to this board. I'm looking to build a pair of 3 way speakers for my stereo. I have an old Yamaha M-60 amp (325w RMS per channel). I had a pair of EPI 500 speakers way back when and really liked the big sound. I have a budget of about $400 - $500 for the parts (less cabinet). Is...
  2. coffeedj

    12B4 Line Stage + Phono Option

    To the 12B4 Line Stage Followers, I am finally recovering from my eye surgery and back on the horse. My head injury last spring caused my retina to tear and I've been out of commission for a while. Anyway, I'm continuing on the 12B4 Kit project and adding a phono option. I've been scouring...