1. T

    Tube Amp for MP3 Player

    Hi all! I'm looking to build a small, simple tube amp for my kid's iPod. I'd like something simple, great sounding. Not looking for a kit, just a layout or something like that, the simpler the better. I'm familiar with guitar amps, and it'd be great if I could plug into a champ, for example...
  2. Bakmeel

    Guitar - iPod - Heaqdphone amp

    A friend of mine wants to hook up his electric guitar to a pair of headphones directly plugging it into a fuzzbox, and if possible, mix in his iPod music such that he can play along with the music without disturbing anyone else in the house... It doesn't need to be very Hi-Fi. The circuit needs...
  3. D

    spdif out for portable DAPs

    It looks to me like recent generations of ipods are capable of s/pdif output bypassing the built-in DAC with the use of external docks (Wadia and Onkyo are available and a few other docks are coming). I own a portable dac/amp, so I would really appreciate a mobile solution that could make my...