1. Pano

    Matching horns to compression drivers, a discussion

    A thread to discuss how well a compression driver matches the profile of a particular horn, and how to determine that match - or mismatch. When choosing a compression driver to go with a particular horn, what is important to know so that the two work well together? Can any driver be used with...
  2. Hondasnl

    InConcert Miles 2022

    Hello friends. InConcert Miles 2022. Project finished. The original speaker was designed and constructed by Stig Erik Tangen. You can find more information on the internet searching for "InConcert Miles". Inspired by Hunsbedt Trebygg, "Karmann" from AVforum.ro, "BEF-NO" from AVSforum and...
  3. S

    Compressions drivers, 3” beryllium vs 4” ???

    Hello, I’m wanting to build a reference pair of speakers and want to start out with the best drivers I can get my hands on/afford. I was going all JBL and as of right now have many JBL drivers to choose from, but thinking of using the 1500AL, 435Be, and 045Be. These drivers are used in the...
  4. Patrick Bateman

    CBT wrapped around a Unity Horn

    The fundamental issue with CBT arrays, and arrays in general, is that the high frequencies aren't well behaved. In the attached measurement of the Parts Express CBT24, you can things work great... up until about 2500Hz. A thought I had, is that you might be able to wrap a CBT array around a...
  5. P

    Ikea Kallax MEH (Unity/Synergy) speaker

    While slowly working on my other MEH projects, I just noticed the Ikea Kallax in front of myself and I just thought it would be cool to fit in a synergy horn there. The internal dimension of the kallax cell are 330 x 330 x 380 mm, so the speaker must fit into this volume including wires in the...
  6. Patrick Bateman

    Unity Horn with Metamaterial Tweeter

    Here's a Unity horn I threw together over the weekend. It uses two MCM 55-1870 woofers and an SB 26 ADC tweeter with a metamaterial back chamber. Here's the waveguide. It's loosely based on QSC's waveguide.
  7. E

    What kind of plastic that used to mold a horn

    I designed a horn myself, and I tried to use plastic sheet to glue one in shape, but none of the material I used can produce the sound I desired. People suggested that I make a mold and mold one with the plastic injection machine, because with plastic injection technique, they can mold plastic...
  8. jpbturbo

    Plotting a curve for a Tractrix Horn in Adobe Illustrator with Javascript.

    Sorry in advance for the long read but, I figured this out yesterday and I thought that other people might find it helpful/interesting. If you happen to have Adobe Illustrator CS4 and a little bit of computer knowledge you can run a script to draw the curved sides of a tractrix horn using X...
  9. S

    Help me simulate a Le Cléac'h horn from hornresp

    after a lot of reading about high efficiency designs lately, I've decided to go forward with a Le Cléac'h horn. I've downloaded Hornresp but my knowledge is quite limited and do not know where to start. I've read good reviews about the quality of B&C compression drivers so I'll start w/ those...