1. D

    Its time to rehash the good ole "Which Cartridge" question

    Hi Guys. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum... I have been campaigning an Ortofon MC30 with a Neville Roberts designed head amp for some time now and have never been happy with its overall sound as it sounded harsh in some frequencies. I have prototyped about 7 different tube...
  2. punkrokr1701

    Good ole budget build sub

    ok guys I haven't had much chance to check in the forums for a long time now and now that i got my comp built I'm looking at attempting a budget build $300 complete sub woofer. I'm looking at a very simple set up, Basically cut the cabinet, plug and play sort of set up right now. Birch is my...
  3. trodas

    Genius SW-5.1 HT mod - are my ideas good? First the good news. They send me schematics:, here we go: