1. I

    Genius sub designer sought!

    Hello all, this seems like a great forum. I have been into hi-fi for a long time. Having gone through many systems, in both my car and home. I have always been into accurate full range systems. I am now looking into DIY for my home hifi for the first time. I am very good at wood working but...
  2. trodas

    Genius SW-5.1 HT mod - are my ideas good? First the good news. They send me schematics:, here we go:
  3. 3

    Improve fullrange PC Speakers? Genius SP-HF350X

    Hello. I have just bought these active PC speakers. They sounded a lot more consistent than everything else that was available, yet they have one strong resonance, and i would like to have some recommendations on how to get an improvement. Unfortunately, i cannot find their specs in english...
  4. P

    genius sw-hf5.1 broken

    i have genius sw-hf5.1 sound system satellites are working fine, but the subwoofer isn't working. i opened it, and it has 4 amp ICs, 3x TDA7269A, and 1x TDA7296. TDA7296 is obviously for the woofer, and i'm wondering how to test if it...
  5. I

    Am I a Genius or a Fool....or a bit of both, Foenus?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I have a major problem with a ground loop between my home theater PC and my HIFI. Bazarly enough it is only if i connect up the un-grounded preamp as an intermediary, if i wire straight to the powers the buzz...