1. S

    Special offer $130 EL84 Integrated tube amplifier

    Only $130 for this Tube amp. http://www.suppomodel.com/audio/pic/el84_s.jpgThis is a special program for people to try our amps We ship out the "Suppo audio" EL84 integrated amplifier for only$100+$80 shipping fees to US and EU by EMS Airmail. If buyer write a review to share his/her experience...
  2. Bas Horneman

    El84 / 6bq5

    The EL84 (European designation - known as the 6BQ5 in North America) is a vacuum tube (a.k.a. valve) of the power pentode type. It has a 9 pin miniature base and is found mainly in the final output stages of amplification circuits, most commonly now in guitar amplifiers, but originally in radios...